1. This needs to happen.

  2. Tah dah. ( I need to stop changing wheels and get this thing driving properly )

  3. Finally got the 175 50s on

  4. Finally got these developed today

  5. Check your bank account @elegant_company

  6. klietka:

    4x114's kazoo vs random 300zx

    driftoffacliff fitlikeahonda

  7. Some of @isaaaaaaaa and I’s goodies post mooneyes visit. Got a ridiculously small wheel for the Mira

  8. Good times in Long Beach @saturdayxnightxspecial 20v te71, good sound. Thanks for the hospitality @ohjackaayy and Kem

  10. klietka:

    quality time with the corolla before his flight ^.^

  12. autongraphic:


  13. klietka:


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  14. calpan:

    326 Power Levin

    w/ p1’s crisp

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  15. klietka:


    ☆ (≧▽≦) ☆

    kennysworld-jp ^.^

    My boyfriend’s car is pretty neato