1. Photo of a photo of @beardedbastardphotography and I and my l700 by @cheesy_61

  2. AKL @cheesy_61 no song to suit :(

  3. @gxofauckland ye

  4. Song says it all

  5. Runfree @86fighters

  6. @garagezeal @csgarage

  7. Back at work reminiscing, last weekend has given me motivation to get cracking on my car

  8. Tarran going for it at C’s Garage x S - club, swell day despite slippery conditions

  9. Would love to go lower hmmm

  10. Good hangs with @kp60nick and @86fighters

  11. Eric’s 86 ready to go home

  12. Thanks Eric for letting me drive his 86 today!! Here’s one of my little runs, the rear end is so stiff

  13. Spectacular view

  14. @86fighters

  15. (Source: calpan, via crem978)